Zen & Tea Study Group
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This study group will bring together Zen practitioners curious about tea ceremony and Tea practitioners curious about meditation. You are invited to join us as we deepen our practices together.


We will meet every two weeks alternating between Sunday and Wednesday evenings 7:30-8:45pm.

For now, mark your calendars for:

Sunday, January 3

Wednesday, January 20*

Sunday, January 31

*Join early for zazen meditation on Wednesdays at 7pm.

More dates to be announced once our zendo releases their 2021 calendar.


Zen teachers throughout time have sought creative ways to transmit their teachings to their students directly. Tea has been one of the most well suited methods for this task. Zen practitioners looking to learn about tea beyond being on the receiving end of sarei will benefit from this group.


Meditation facilitates the deepening of a Tea practice. Tea practitioners who don't already have a firmly established daily meditation practice will benefit from the support of Zen practitioners in this group.



Together we can:

  • perform experiments

  • watch movies

  • share readings

  • explore related arts (poetry, calligraphy, ikebana/chabana, pottery, chaxi, etc.)

  • lead exercises

  • discuss our experiences + tell stories

  • and more!


For now we can begin on Zoom. Down the line we can have outdoor gatherings and eventually indoor gatherings once safe. If the turnout is sizable we will make sure to utilize breakout room features to retain the benefits of meeting intimately. Most folks will likely be based in the NY area, but people from all across the world are welcome to join.