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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Join tea lovers from across New York and surrounding areas as we come together to enjoy tea in Nature.


Connect to each other and to the season for a peaceful day outdoors.

A weaving of activities ranging from tea tastings to meditative sits to family friendly sessions will be taking place across the city and country.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Bring your own cup/bowl + blanket. Spares available.

11am - Water Observations + Charcoal Alchemy

12pm - 8 Treasure Tea* with moJoosh + Tea Resonance

1pm - Lunch*

2pm - Pottery for Tea + Tea 101: Taste and Learn with Chinatown Soup

3pm - Closing Tea Ceremony (by donation)


*Family Friendly (email for discount code for children)


Astoria Park, Queens


Bring your own cup/bowl + blanket. Spares available.

11am-12pm - Tea Tasting Circle

1-2pm - Snack Pairing


Bronx Park, The Bronx


12-2pm - Pandemic Reflections in Tea


Chinatown Soup, Manhattan


Tea Time at Soup Garden


Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago

Chicago with Marco: Emotional Agili-Tea Through the Leaf (Saturday, 10/24)

Las Vegas with Rie: You Can Do It If You Chai! (Sunday, 10/25)

Los Angeles with Jessica: CommuniTea | A Global Passport in a Locked Down World  (Sunday, 10/25)

Visit for how to RSVP.

Rain Date: November 1st

We will follow all CDC health guidelines. Guidelines will be sent to registrants.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

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Spring Mountain

Water Reflections

Observing that which flows.



Water makes up 99% of tea. The easiest way to improve your tea is to improve your water. All of the water used for the activities in Prospect Park has been gathered by hand from an artesian spring in the forest. Come sit for a quiet session to compare real spring water with bottled water to experience the differences. Depending on participant interest this sit may combine with the charcoal demonstration below.

Charcoal Alchemy (Photo from Global Tea

Charcoal Alchemy


While water is the mother of tea, fire is the father. The heat source affects the quality of our tea. Join Gordon as he prepares the charcoal for the day's tea sessions. This casual demonstration will be an open Q&A format.

Photo from the Global Tea Hut magazine. Learn more from archived issues HERE.

Be the Tea with Cheryl Iliadi.jpeg

Tea Resonance



Limited to 8 participants. To register for this activity, select the "Tea Resonance" option when registering for a Day Pass.

Come, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Breathe in deep and leave your cares behind. Wood, fire, earth, water, metal. You are the instrument, I shall be your guide. Let’s venture to unlock your body’s latent ability to receive tea in an elevated manner.

From start to finish, Tea Resonance is an hour long experience. You are encouraged to be in a receptive and reflective frame of mind. Ages 14+.

This session will be guided by Cheryl Iliadi @paradoxitea.

8 Treasures Tea with moJoosh (photo by m

8 Treasure Tea with moJoosh

Family friendly (Email for discount code for children.)


Life with tea is not always just about the leaf and the flavor. Bring your own gaiwan or bowl and join us for a session to share this drink ideal for the autumn weather. 8 Treasure Tea is regarded as a wellness drink popular in the west part of China. We will share the history of 8 Treasure Tea and its related cultures.  You might be surprised to find out there are so many stories behind it. Options of choosing your own mix of treasures or/and having the standard mix. Caffeine free option available.

Summer Tea host @mojoosh will be serving this session.


Chill and chat.


The picnic lunch will be a bring-your-own or pre-order from Tanabel. Details to order will be emailed to registrants.

Tanabel is a food and events company that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. They host gatherings that celebrate the rich and sophisticated cuisine of the Middle East and offer guests the opportunity to get to know the food and people of countries in conflict. These authentic, generous and delicious meals allow their cooks to share a taste of home with their new communities and provide them with meaningful and empowering employment.

Pottery for Tea with Leigh Fanady.JPG

Pottery for Tea



If Tea contains the five elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal, then pottery is the Earth element.  In what ways does pottery reflect Earth? How does this element relate to the others? How does the Earth element ground our Tea practice?  Selecting teaware can be confusing with too many options, too many styles, leaving the chajin potentially feeling anything but grounded.   We will discuss some material factors of clay, glazes, surfaces and forms, and try to gain a more sure view of how pottery is the grounding element.

Potter Leigh Fanady will be facilitating this activity. Check out her work HERE.

Tea 101 with Chinatown Soup.png

Tea 101: Taste + Learn with Chinatown Soup


The most popular plant medicine originated in the mountains and jungles of China over 2,000 years ago, when Buddhist monks spread knowledge of cultivating tea. 


By 2004, an underground tea room opened in downtown New York as part of one man’s quest for select Chinese teas. This journey introduced him to the plants, farmers, and teachers of an ancient tradition.  


Inspired to connect with fellow seekers, he partnered with Chinatown Soup, a creative community on the border of New York’s Lower East Side, to curate an accessible tea program featuring his most cherished discoveries.


Today, it is our joy to continue learning about the art of tea together. Please join us for a guided tasting that calls upon historical insight and personal intuition as we are taught by the leaves themselves.

Chinatown Soup in Manhattan will also be hosting outdoor tea. See more info below.

coco 01.jpg

Closing Tea Ceremony

By Donation


Join NY Tea Family for the Autumn Tea 2020 closing tea ceremony. 

We will share several bowls of tea in quiet before parting ways. The ceremony is by donation. Tea will be served by Lauren Stern of KINNABARI with members of NY Tea Family.

Astoria Park, Queens

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The Astoria Park activities will be guided by tea educator Anna Ye, New York Tea Society founder Roy Lamberty, Orchid Tea House owner Kingston Lam, and NYTS members Teddy Smith and Harry Lee.

Find them at @annaye.tea, @chefroyl , @orchidteahouse, and on Instagram.

Tea Tasting Circle.jpg

Tea Tasting



It's been quite a while since our last in-person tea gathering.  We're excited to get together again! Lay out a towel or mat, pick a spot around the tea circle, and enjoy thoughtfully selected teas, fitting of the Autumn season. Markers for each spot will be marked 6 feet apart. Please bring your own chair, mat or blanket to create your personal safe space. We'll be safely apart, but still together!

Snack Pairing.jpg

Autumn Tea

Snack Pairing


Do you have a favorite snack which you usually enjoy with your tea on a Autumn afternoon? Don’t keep it a secret. Bring your favorite snack with you to the tea gathering and share with the group, while enjoying specially prepared tea pairings prepared by organizers of Autumn Tea. Please wrap your snacks in individual portion sizes so that they can be easily passed out without group contact. It is important that you prepare your snacks on a sanitized surface, while masked and wearing gloves. Let’s all do our part to make this a safe tea gathering.

Bronx Park, The Bronx

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Michele Brody

Pandemic Reflections in Tea

By Donation


Bronx Artist Michele Brody will host a Tea sharing event in Bronx Park by Riess Baseball field off Bronx Park E, at Riess Place from 12:00 - 2:00.

The public is welcome to come by and share their time and thoughts with the artist under the protection of her tent of many stories, while drinking a warm cup of tea.

See more of Michele Brody's work HERE.

Chinatown, Manhattan

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Community Tea at Chinatown Soup

Tea Time at Soup Garden

Chinatown Soup is a creative community advancing art, justice, historic preservation, and civic engagement in downtown New York.

For more details and to RSVP visit HERE.


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Emotional Agili-Tea Through the Leaf

Saturday, October 24th

​Together, we’ll explore methods we can use through tea to show up to our difficult emotions, thoughts, and stories; as we deepen our awareness and invite discourse.


For details contact Marco on Instagram: @steapd_tea

Las Vegas

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You Can Do It If You Chai!

Sunday, October 25th

​In this intimate, light-hearted, and positive gathering, we’ll explore a flight of 5 quality masala chai blends brewed fresh on stovetop, while sharing our joys and struggles living in 2020’s “New Normal”. Let’s encourage ourselves to keep going strong!


For details contact Rie on Instagram: @teacurious


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CommuniTea|A Global Passport in a Locked Down World

Sunday, October 25th

Tea is rooted in rich history. Together, we’ll explore unique tea traditions around the world and discuss how this brewed beverage is intricately intertwined with culture. In a world increasingly divided by differences, we can use tea to celebrate diversity and shape our perspectives to become better global citizens. At Los Angeles State Historic Park, outskirts of Chinatown 


For details contact Jess on Instagram: @hernandezjess

NYC: Mindful Breathing & Meditation Practices for Family

Sunday, October 25th @11am EST

In the age of COVID, social unrest and social media overload - it is important to take the time to practice self-care. Together, we will explore a few family centered mindful & meditative breathing activities to help release anxiety & frustration.

For details contact Jin on Instagram: @jinandtea

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