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This course ran June 9 to August 25, 2020. Congratulations to everyone who made it through all 12 weeks! Thank you for joining us. If you are interested in getting alerts about future course offerings, subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Physics of Cinematography is a twelve-week course open to anyone interested in the scientific foundations of cinematography. Each class will address a separate topic, placing each facet under the microscopic in order to reveal its depth and complexity. Each week will build upon the previous following a natural progression from the concepts that are the foundations of the visual arts, through the technology of filmmaking, and to the sciences of measurement and tone control. Eventually, each facet will be seen as part of a greater constellation of what constitutes the art and craft of cinematography.


The course has been designed both as a continuous whole and as stand-alone lectures.

This course is donation based. You can donate anytime at 

Venmo: @John-Arkenberg

For current students, click HERE for class resources and HERE for the Q&A page.

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